FAQ: What Does Caroline Mean In The Bible?


What is the meaning of the name Caroline?

The name Caroline is of French origin and means “strong.” It is the feminine version of Charles, which means “free man.”

Is Caroline a good name?

With a meaning as enviable as “free woman,” Caroline is a beautiful name for a little girl. She’ll always be a sophisticated choice, a proper name with good bones for growth. While Caroline is a classy choice for a grown woman, she always wears well on a curious little girl.

Is Caroline an American name?

The name Caroline is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “free man”. Caroline is a perennial classic, in the Top 100 since 1994. Carolina is the more feminine (and place name) version, as opposed to the trendier Carolyn.

Is Caroline an Irish name?

The Irish name Caroline claims descent from the O’Connors in Donegal where “Carlan” (from the Irish “carla” meaning a “wool-comb” and “an” meaning “one who” which roughly translates as “one who combs wool”) was in Irish O’Carlain or O’Caireallain.

What is the nickname for Caroline?

Caroline is a female given name, derived from the male name Karl (Charles). Common nicknames and variations include Caz, Carole, Carol, Carolyn, Carly and Carrie.

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Is Caroline an old fashioned name?

Despite the name’s endurance through the years and its ability to sustain its popularity through the several shifting styles of American naming practices, Caroline feels neither oldfashioned nor over-used. It’s a classic name that conjures up royalty (even “American royalty” in the name of Caroline Kennedy).

When was the name Caroline most popular?

It ranked #74 in 1900, #52 in 1950 and #21 in 1975. From 1974 to 1986, Caroline ranked in the top 50 of Scotland. As with England and Wales, it fell out of the top 100 in 1994. In 2018, Caroline ranked 1571 with 1 birth in Scotland.

What does Caroline mean in Latin?

Origin: Latin. Meaning: Free/Beautiful Woman. ♥ Add to my Namelist. The name Caroline means Free/Beautiful Woman and is of Latin origin. Caroline is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.

How do you spell Caroline in French?

From English Caroline, borrowed from the French form of Carolina, feminine derivative of Carolus, the Latin equivalent of Charles, which came from Middle High German Karl.

Is Caroline a southern name?

Caroline: One of the classics, Caroline is actually the female version of Charles (another popular name down south!). The daisy is a flower that does well in the southern soil, and it’s a pretty girls’ name that will be just perfect for your Southern belle.

What does Carolina mean in Italian?

In Italian the meaning of the name Carolina is: Strong. An Italian feminine form of Charles. Famous bearer: 18th century Caroline of Ansbach was the German wife of English King George II.

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What does Bonnie mean?

Bonnie is a Scottish given name for either girls or boys, and is sometimes used as a descriptive reference. It comes from the Scots language word “bonnie” (pretty, attractive), or the French bonne (good). That is in turn derived from the Latin word “bonus” (good).

How old is Caroline Manning?

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