Often asked: Who Played Jesus In The Bible Series?


What is Diogo Morgado doing now?

A popular actor on Portuguese TV since 1998, Diogo Morgado is now a bonafide international film and TV star, thanks in part to his role as “Jesus Christ” in the miniseries The Bible. His latest film Virados do Avesso, a comedy, is currently in theatrical and digital release.

Who plays Jesus in the Bible videos?

John Foss (III)

Is Diogo Morgado Catholic?

Morgado, 33, is a Portuguese actor who has been working since the age of 15. Raised a Catholic, Morgado found the process of playing Jesus to be a profound, unique and humbling experience, that will most likely go unmatched throughout the rest of his acting career.

Who plays the devil in messengers?

Diogo Morgado will play the devil in new TV series The Messengers.

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