Quick Answer: What Does Anguish Mean In The Bible?


What does it mean to be in anguish?

: extreme pain, distress, or anxiety cries of anguish mental anguish. anguish. verb. anguished; anguishing; anguishes.

What are two synonyms for anguish?

Some common synonyms of anguish are grief, regret, sorrow, and woe. While all these words mean “distress of mind,” anguish suggests torturing grief or dread.

What does agony mean in the Bible?

Noun. agony (countable and uncountable, plural agonies) Extreme pain. (biblical) The sufferings of Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. Violent contest or striving.

How do you use anguish?

Anguish sentence example

  1. A look of anguish crossed Jonny’s face.
  2. Terrible anguish struck her heart, she felt a dreadful ache as if something was being torn inside her and she were dying.
  3. I try not to anguish over the little things.
  4. He gazed up at her, smiled through the anguish his eyes betrayed and stood.

What does anguish feel like?

Anguish is an emotion. It is a feeling of severe pain, mental suffering, distress and sadness. Anguish is related to misery, dread, despair, and depression.

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What is the difference between distress and anguish?

Anguish falls in the sorrow category (along with woe, heartache, grief, dole, and regret), while distress is the lead term in a group that includes suffering, misery, agony, dolor, and passion. When used to designate a mental state, distress usually implies the stress or strain of fear, anxiety, shame, or the line.

What is an example of anguish?

The definition of anguish is a feeling of physical or mental pain. Being very worried about something is an example of anguish. Having terrible back pain is an example of anguish.

What is mental anguish in legal terms?

Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary

A type of suffering that can be compensated in a personal injury case, generally meaning significant mental suffering that may include fright, feelings of distress, anxiety, depression, trauma, or grief.

Is agony an emotion?

Agony is a state of severe, usually extended, physical, mental, or emotional suffering. Emotional agony is a type of severe psychological pain that some of us may experience at some point in our lives for a short or an extended period of time.

What does agony mean?

1a: intense pain of mind or body: anguish, torture the agony of rejection the agony of defeat. b: the struggle that precedes death. 2: a violent struggle or contest the agonies of battle. 3: a strong sudden display (as of joy or delight): outburst an agony of mirth.

How do you use agony?

Agony sentence example

  1. That level of agony was something she never wanted to go through again.
  2. She screamed again in agony as pain seared through her shoulder.
  3. The agony was gone, replaced by sudden strength and energy.
  4. Out of the agony, however, a new China was born.
  5. Her world was one of agony and blurred colors.
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What is it a strong feeling of anguish and loss?

Anguish is one of the most painful emotions felt by humans; the word means extreme pain or distress. Anguish is often referred to as emotional distress, and can encompass a number of different emotions, such as trauma, grief, sorrow, fear, and anxiety.

What does anguish mean in sentence?

Definition of Anguish. extreme suffering or grief. Examples of Anguish in a sentence. 1. When my husband died, the anguish I felt was nearly unbearable.

What is the opposite of anguish?

Opposite of severe mental or physical pain or suffering. happiness. blessedness. bliss. blissfulness.

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