Quick Answer: What Does The Name Paige Mean In The Bible?


What does the name Paige mean?

Assistant, Helper. Paige is a gender neutral given name. It is of Latin origin from Byzantine “Págius” (young helper / mate of young nobles), derived from the Greek “Paidion” (child). A page in medieval households was usually a young boy whose service was the first step in his training as a knight.

Is there a Paige in the Bible?

Subscribe to Decision Email Devotional And we would like for God to do something, so we send up a prayer. Paige is a Christian Girl name and it is an English originated name with multiple meanings. The name “Sefire” is not found in the KJV/NKJV of the Bible.

What name means daughter of God?

Meaning: Daughter of God.

What name means God’s promise?

8,513 A female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning oath of God. 5,534 Diminutive of Elisabeth: my God is an oath. 2,052 Variation of Elizabeth: my God is bountiful, God of plenty, God’s promise, God is my oath.

What is a nickname for Paige?


Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Paige – Paigey, Peanut, Paigey waigey, PG, Pooh Bear, physcopath.

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How old is the name Paige?

By the age of 21, a page could eventually become a knight himself. The name is derived from the Medieval Latin “pagius” meaning “servant” ultimately borrowed from the Greek word “paidion” meaning “little boy, lad”. The surname was first recorded in the 13th century.

Where does the last name Paige come from?

The name Paige finds its origins with the ancient Anglo-Saxons of England. It was given to one who worked as a server or personal attendant to a Lord or nobleman. Occupational names that were derived from the common trades of the medieval era transcended European cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Is Miles a gender neutral name?

Miles /ˈmaɪlz/ is a male name from the Latin miles, a soldier.

What girl name means loved by God?

15 Cherelle. This is a wonderful name for parents who want a name that is uniquely spelled but sounds a lot like a name that is commonly used. Cherelle has English origins and means beloved of God. Some believe this name is a derivative of the French name Cheri which means beloved, dear.

What is the luckiest name?

The top 20 luckiest baby names of 2020 – and one of them is royal

  • Bennett – Stems from Latin and means blessed.
  • Edmund – Meaning prosperity and riches.
  • Benedict – Derives from the Late Latin name Benedictus, meaning blessed.
  • Fisher – Meaning ‘fisherman’, linked with superstitions.
  • Seven – Has English origin meaning inner wisdom.
  • Arley – Rooted in American and Hebrew meaning promise.

What is the most beautiful name in the Bible?

The Most Beautiful Biblical Girl Names For Babies

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Name Meaning Origin
Abiah God is my father Hebrew
Abigail Father’s rejoice Hebrew
Abilene Grass Hebrew
Abital Father of dew Hebrew

What name means from God?

Elizabeth, John, Dorothy, and Michael and all their variations have meanings related to God. Isabella and Elijah, both in the Top 10, are currently the most popular baby names that mean God.

What name means answered prayer?

13 Arabella

Arabella is a wonderful name of English origin with several different meanings. It means “beautiful”, “obliging”, “yielding to prayer” and “answered prayer.” This little girl’s name is a true wonder, as it incorporates the popular “Bella” but with a unique twist.

What boy name means miracle?

Baby names that mean “miracle” and “blessed”

For boys, the names Asher, Benedict, Bennett, Zelig and Barke all mean “blessing.” The English name Aaron and the Italian name Loreto are both great boy names that mean “miraculous.” We also love the names Neo, Jesse, Darko, Matthew and Theodore, which mean “gift.”

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