Readers ask: How To Make The Bible App Read To You?


Will the Bible app read to you?

You can listen to daily Reading Plans that you subscribe to in the Bible App and even pray over your prayer list. Download the free Bible App for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Amazon tablets at

Who narrates the YouVersion Bible app?

Bobby Gruenewald (born July 31, 1976) is Pastor and Innovation Leader at Life. Church, a multisite church based in Oklahoma. He is also the founder of the YouVersion Bible App and a former entrepreneur, making and selling two multi-million dollar online companies.

Can Google read the Bible to me?

Nearly 20 new services have been made available to Google Home users this week, including lots of ways to control smart home devices and the best Bible-reading action to date.

What is a good Bible app?

14 Best Bible Apps That’ll Help You Read Scriptures on the Go

  • of 14. Sermon Audio. Free. Download Now.
  • of 14. She Reads. Free. Download Now.
  • of 14. Scourby YouBible. $19.99.
  • of 14. Bible. Free.
  • of 14. KJV Bible: King James Version. Free.
  • of 14. ESV Bible. Free.
  • of 14. Free.
  • of 14. One Bible – Study Faith Daily. Free.
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Can you listen to the Bible offline?

NIV Bible is an offline service offering audio Bible verses that are can be played at any place despite the mobile signal. Also, it’s free of any charges and has no distracting annoying apps. Definitely you can download verses to listen while the reading passage is open and the played text is highlighted.

Why is it called YouVersion?

EDMOND – In 2007, Decatur native Bobby Gruenewald created a Bible website for his church, dubbed “YouVersion,” that was designed to allow users to associate online media such as YouTube videos or Flickr photos with Bible verses.

How does YouVersion make money?

YouVersion is part of the church, so it’s set up as a non-profit that doesn’t generate revenue or have exit plans. It’s funded entirely by donations ($3 million was donated to sustain the app last year) and by, which has poured $20 million into it.

Who founded YouVersion?

YouVersion was founded by Bobby Gruenewald and Life. Church in 2008. At least since 2012, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. billionaire founder/owner David Green has sponsored the YouVersion Bible app for mobile phones.

What is a streak in the Bible app?

It was designed as a way to allow you to build a habit of daily Bible Reading. Every day you read your bible, the number of streaks would increase. Initially the challenge was 21 days straight and then it became as long as you want. The more streaks you had, the more of a Bible scholar it seemed like you were.

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How do you make a YouVersion account?

Sign up (new account) on

  1. Open Do not use Internet Explorer.
  2. ON THE REGULAR WEB PAGE, Select Sign up in the top right heading.
  3. ON THE MOBILE WEB PAGE, Select Menu (three lines) in the top heading and then Sign up.
  4. If you want to link your YouVersion account to your Facebook account then select Sign up with Facebook.

How do I change the Bible to verse of the day?

Change subscription options of Verse of the Day

  1. Select More (3 stripes icon)
  2. Select Verse of the Day.
  3. Select the gear icon at the top right corner of the page.

How do I get Google Assistant to read my Bible?

To access Pocket Bible you can start by saying “OK Google, talk to Pocket Bible“. You can ask Pocket Bible to read any chapter or verse in the bible. For example you can say: “OK Google, tell Pocket Bible to read Jeremiah chapter 29”

How do I use Google YouVersion at home?

To link your YouVersion Bible account to Google assistant.

  1. Download the latest Google home app for iPhone or Android.
  2. Say to your device “Hey Google, ask YouVersion Bible to read my Plan” and a link will be sent to your Google home app.

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